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SB12 Energy Design For New Home
  • The Ministry of Municipal Affairs Building and Development Branch recently amended the Building Code Act, 1992, to include the Supplementary Standard SB-12 Energy Efficiency for Housing. The 2012 Code’s Division B, Part 12 introduces new prescriptive and performance compliance packages that represent an energy efficiency improvement in new homes of approximately 15% over the preceding version and will apply to construction for which a permit has been issued after December 31, 2016.

    SB-12 Performance refers to the method of compliance in Subsection 3.1.2. of SB-12. Using this approach our designers use a recognized energy simulation software (i.e. HOT2000 V11.7) and submit all appropriate documentations along with engineering stamps to show that the annual energy use of the proposed building is equal to or less than prescriptive (reference) building package.